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The merits of classic audio sound

If you are serious about audio recordings, whether they be "classical" opera, Jazz, or rock, you may never have heard them at their best if you use only "modern" commercial solid state equipment purchased from one of the standard retail chains. Such equipment is made to a price and intended for the mass market, not the serious audiophile.

Traditionally, perfectionists were the mainstays of the emerging HI-FI industry in the 1970's. The efforts were global including offerings from the USA, Europe and Japan in particular. Attention of these specialist operations was directed to technical excellence, the best possible componentry and build-quality.

At RAGE AUDIO, we deal only with the very best the industry has offered. Most of this equipment is "old" in terms of year of manufacture, but that means it was made to exacting standards and technical innovation and where price was almost invariably the last consideration.

Every item of equipment we sell is thoroughly checked and if necessary, repaired to return it as close as possible to original specifications. Of course, this generally means that what the items we offer are "one off " We will always endeavour to describe the quality and condition and ensure the price is a fair and reasonable reflection of its true value.

Of course, if you already own classic audio equipment, you will want to maintain it in prime condition. RAGE AUDIO has access to hard-to-find parts, as well as the expertise and experience you should expect from a specialist in this field. Also. we are renowned as service agents for ME Sound and Ambience Products.

Please CONTACT US to discuss your specific needs if what you want is not currently listed on this website.


Just some of the classic brands we service:

ME suund

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