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Premium quality audio cables

Top quality leads can make a significant difference to the final sound. At RAGE AUDIO, we sell top-quality connectors and plugs to suit most audio applications.

Please CONTACT US to discuss your specific needs if what you want is not currently listed on this website.

Nordost SPM
Nordost speaker
Nordost Valhalla
Nordost SPM cables
Nordost Speaker
Nordost Valhalla
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Banana plugs



Audio components are rated in terms of quality and price as follows:


Absolute top quality, regardless of price. Often hard to get


Quality approaches those of Class A but may lack the finesse. They are easier to source and are more affordable


Generally of good quality but are mass-produced to meet a price point. However, they are far superior to third-world "entry level" components and overall there is little compomise in selecting Class C items

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