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Ambience Ribbon Hybrid Loudspeakers are designed and manufactured by Tony Moore, Lake Bunga, Victoria. As an electronics technician and audio buff, Tony strived for many years to improve conventional cone speaker performance before experimenting with “Transmission Line” bass loudspeakers, capable of reproducing very low frequencies.

Most audiophiles would agree that Ribbon and Electrostatic loudspeakers offer the most realistic sound reproduction.Ribbon loudspeakers comprise very thin, aluminium membranes suspended between strong magnets. The membrane vibrates in response to passing signals to create sound waves.

This technology dates back to the 1920’s and was patented a few months before the conventional cone speaker. They experienced a brief resurgence in the 50’s with the highly regarded Kelly Ribbon Tweeter. Ribbon speakers, with low power amplifier technology and inefficiency, could not compete with the cone speaker, which was now well established in the market place.

Technological improvements, with extremely powerful magnets enable Ribbon speakers to create a unique listening experience; an encompassing, honest sound reproduction with remarkable clarity and depth. The open and realistic sound reproduction will enhance the subtleties of the music as if the artist was actually playing live in your listening room.

Ambience Products overcame obstacles associated with magnets, suppliers, efficiency and impedance difference to create innovative production models combining a Ribbon speaker with a conventional cone driver – the Ambience Ribbon Hybrid Loudspeaker series.

All loudspeakers have been individually tested with only the finest components used to ensure years of lasting enjoyment. For specifications, visit the Ambience website .

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