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Introduction to classic audio turntables, arms & cartridges

The history of audio turntables, arms, heads and cartrridges is as complex as any in the world of hi quality audio. As with many other components, a lot of the reactions are subjective. However, there are only a relatively small number of critical elements in the design and manufacture to which the end results can be attributed.

The motor and the way in which the platter is driven will affect the smoothness of motion, also the amount of noise (if any) generated. Belt or direct drives are the most common, but as with most things, it is the combination of design and build quality that will ultimately affect the result.

The tone arm is arguably one of the most complex design items.The bearings permit simultaneous movement across, upwards and downwards so the geometery, as well as the quality is critical. Most quality arms have adjustment arrangements to alter the balance in a number of planes.

At the business-end is the head shell and,the cartridge the weight and balance having to complement the dynamics of the arm itself. as well as providing optimum tracking in the vinyl grooves, even in cases when the record may be slightly warped or off-centre. Stylus design also plays an important role, with many options in shape that include eliptical as well as other configurations.

RAGE AUDIO will gladly offer advice on the type of equipment best suited to your individual requirements. Every item of equipment we sell is thoroughly checked and if necessary, repaired to return it as close as possible to original specifications. We can generally offer a range of new and refurbished items, as well as serviceyour existing equipment

Please CONTACT US to discuss your specific needs if what you want is not currently listed on this website.


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