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Audio equipment repairs & upgrades

Trevor Wilson, owner of RAGE AUDIO has worked in the audio industry for over 40 years. He was service manager of Marantz prior to starting the RAGE business. Well known and respected as a perfectionist he has serviced ME SOUND products and AMBIENCE loudspeakers for customers throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific region for many years.

In addition to routine service and repairs, UPGRADES are also offered where replacements of some key components can make all the difference between "acceptable" and "exceptionally great" sound from existing audio equipment.

For example, modifying the output stage of an amplifier can boost power to the speakers, changing old capacitors for new and the replacement of connecting leads can "clean" the sound to a remarkable extent. Upgrades to speakers can include replacement of the cones for improved models resulting in wider dynamic range and improved clarity. Similar improvements are possible for tonearms through the process of adjustment, cartridge and stylus replacement.

Using a high-end oscilloscope, RAGE will measure dynamic responses, as this illustration shows


Just some of the classic brands we service:

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